DIY collar update: nail it!

I love the trend with the decoration of collars. I used a old shirt from way back and a old belt with nails. To remove nails from the belt is easy, just open up the pins on the back. Use a large needle to remove the nails.

Then make small holes for the back of the nails where you want the nails to be.

Then your done!


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DIY Tin Reuse; toothbrush container

When you are a student you often need to be creative when it comes to decoration at home. For this DIY I used what I found laying at home; an empty corn tin, a string, a old key(for decoration) and some strong glue .

After getting glue all over the tin I raped the string around the tin.

When I was allmost at the top I made a cut in the string and continued with a part of the first string hanging out and the same with the new one(..see picture)

Make a loop and connect the key(or whatever other thing you like) to the loop.

Done! A new toothbrush container, zero money!


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Inspiration: Instagram phone case

I am, like many others, in love with Instagram. I found inspiration for this phone case on pinterest and I had to make one myself.

All parts are made by cotton yarn. If you have questions on how to make it please ask.

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DIY:cake stand

Due to a lot of cupcake baking I needed a cake stand desperately. On a flee marked I had my look out for something to make in to a cake stand. I found two vintage records and a candlestick. Then I simply glue it them together with a strong glue I had at home.

One can use the cake stand either way you like, both as a two stories stand or as a one story high stand.

Now I only have to make some more cupcakes…

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DIY Marius pillow; from a sweater and a blanket

If you have a sweater that is too big or have got ruined in some way it would make a  great pillow. In this tutorial I have decided to make the sweater and a fleece blanket in to two pillows.

The sweater i used is in a traditional Norwegian pattern called “Mariusgenser”.

First I made the sweater in to two squares by sawing the sides and then cutting of the arms and the sides. Then i cut a square out of a fleece blanket.

Now you pin one the sweater square and the blanket square together, remember to have the inside out on the sweater. Leave the end of the sweater to be about 10-15 longer in the of the blanket.

Sew the three sides together, and leave one side open to fit the pillow inside.

Make hooks on the end of the sweater to fasten the end of the sweater to the other side of the pillow. You can do this by crocheting small hooks.

Sew on buttons on the blanket side for the hooks to go in.

Then you are done!


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New overlock: good old fashion machine

In the end of this summer I got a new overlock machine. After a summer sewing on my mothers overlock, she decided that it was time for my to get my own. The machine is an used machine from my mothers school, it is not the most modern machine, but I love it and he does what he is made to do.

This machine makes sewing much more fun. If you sew a lot you need this, trust me. The machine does not need to be new and fancy, a 30 year old good quality machine does the trick.


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Inspiration: Peplum top

I made this top from a pattern in Burda 08/2012. The fabric used is an dotted blue fabric giving the top an french style. I made the top a little higher than the original pattern. Love this top!


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