DIY summer tutorial: twisting bracelet

When I was younger all my friends had this cotton braids in the hair in the summer time . I did not learn to do this before I was about 16 years from a good friend. And after this my friend and I made this braids in your hair every summer.  I am not sure what the actual name is for this kinds of braids, but for now I will call then twisting braids.

They are really easy to make when you get the hang of it. I will show how to make the braids as a bracelet, but if you want to make it as cotton braids in the hair you add hair in the center of the braid.

You start of with 4 different colors of cotton. Cut the cotton so the length of each color is 4 times as long as you wish the result to be. After this you part the thread in to so there is 2 of each color.Make a knot and attach the braid to something you can hold the braid firm with, I used a scissors that I hold firm between my legs.

Then you take out to treads in either the same color or two different colors and start to twist then around the other treads.

After a little while take out three other treads, two in the same color and one in another. Twist the two in the same color around the other treads including the two from the previous twisting and leave the last tread outside the twist. This time try to twist the other way around, this will make the braid stronger.

Then twist the tread that was left over around outside the other twist

An other twist to do is to take out 4 treads, twist two of them and leave the other two behind.

Then divide the two remaining treads and make them go in the opposite direction to each other creating a cross.

Continue with the different twist to the braid is as long as you wish it to be.



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