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New overlock: good old fashion machine

In the end of this summer I got a new overlock machine. After a summer sewing on my mothers overlock, she decided that it was time for my to get my own. The machine is an used machine from my mothers school, it is not the most modern machine, but I love it and he does what he is made to do.

This machine makes sewing much more fun. If you sew a lot you need this, trust me. The machine does not need to be new and fancy, a 30 year old good quality machine does the trick.



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Inspiration: Peplum top

I made this top from a pattern in Burda 08/2012. The fabric used is an dotted blue fabric giving the top an french style. I made the top a little higher than the original pattern. Love this top!


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DIY: new skirt in an hour

I had some left over fabric after my dress sewing last week, and wanted to make an skirt from this. Tight fitted skirts are really easy to make and you do not need a pattern. Use an old skirt you like as pattern or just make an square a little larger then your thighs/butt( where ever you are the largest)

You don’t need a lot of fabric, just a enough for the dress. Remember to make the top a bit bigger then your hips, about 5 cm in each side.

As you can see I cut the skirt out in an angle with the tightest in the top, this to make the skirt follow my shape.

After cutting, sew the sides together(remember to leave room for the zipper!). If you try it on now you will realize that you need some incisions on the top to make the skirt follow  your shapes. Make two incisions on both the back and the front. See for yourself how long and deep they need to be.

Then it is just finishing left. Cast the button of the skirt and add a lining on the top ( see tutorial on bea lining). Insert an zipper on the side and you are done!

Cute little skirt in under an hour.

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DIY Lace Top

A lace top is a great way to make your outfit more romantic. I have been looking for the perfect top all summer, but have not found it, so I decided that I would make one myself.

My sister gave me the idea to copy one of her H&M tops. The top was made out of one big square and a hole in the neck line. I bought an old lace curtain on a Flea Market during my holiday that will be perfect for a lace top.

I started with cutting the fabric with the old H&M top as pattern. If you do not have an top to trace, simply make a big square. Make the square a little wider then your measurements so the top is a bit loose.

After cutting I overlocked  the side seams and the shoulder seam together. Then I overlocked the edges around the arms and the edges around the neck line.

Then out to enjoy the sun!

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New dress for sale

After a little holiday I am back behind the sewing machine again. My goal for this week is to make one dress a day. Her are the two first dresses I have made. They are both for sale at

Both dresses are made by fabrics found at IKEA in Kristiansand. The fabrics are intended to be curtains, but I find them to be perfect for dresses.

Unique summer dress for the last days of summer:

You can find this dress for sale here: http: //


Romantic dress that extend the summer:

You can find the dress for sale here:

More new dresses coming soon!


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Lazy summer

Sorry for my absent from the blog recently. I blame the good weather and lazy days of summer. 😉

But now I am back sewing and blogging.

I hope everyone is enjoying themselves like this two pigs who I meet in Kragerø.

Happy Summer/ God sommer!

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DIY: Sweet Pin Cushion

Old porcelain cups are great for pin cushion. I bought this cup in a second hand store in Arendal and the fabric is a leftover fabric from dress sewing.

I sew large stings around the side of the fabric. Then i tighten the stings to make a cup to fill with cotton. Use a LOT of cotton, it needs to be tight!

Tighten the cup all the way together. Add strong glue inside of the porcelain cup and insert the fabric ball. Wait for about 12 hours and you have a new pin cushion!

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