sewing dresses

This book is the best sewing book if you want to make dresses. It is easy to understand and the only thing you need to make beautiful dresses. The best thing about the book is that it shows many different adjustments to the same pattern, this makes it easy to make adjustments yourself and to make your own design. I am in love with the Dirndl dress and this is the pattern I use for almost every dress i make. I will post the dresses I make and hopefully they will inspire you.

Here is one of the dresses I have made from the Dirndl dress pattern. I love to make open back dresses.

When making an open back like this make the adjustment to the pattern first and test the pattern on yourself to see if the adjustments is how you want is. When the back hole the sloping here is no use for additional lining.

If you do not have fancy sewing equipment, use want you have =)


I made this blue dress for over a year ago. It is made by a typical curtain fabric.


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