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Something for the ladies

Not all body types fit my usual dress pattern. Some want to highlight different parts of there bodies. For my aunt I made a dress with a higher cut in the waist.  Here I also used an fabric from IKEA, lovely right?


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Classy dress for classy ladies

Last dress for this week. The fabric is from IKEA. I love to use interior fabrics as dress fabrics, they often give an dramatic effect.

Norsk: denne kjolen er også på salg på epla.no: http://epla.no/handlaget/produkter/524321/

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Party dress

Normenn: lyst på en unik festkjole ingen har maken til? Gå til epla butikken min: http://epla.no/handlaget/produkter/524033/

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New dress for sale

After a little holiday I am back behind the sewing machine again. My goal for this week is to make one dress a day. Her are the two first dresses I have made. They are both for sale at epla.no.

Both dresses are made by fabrics found at IKEA in Kristiansand. The fabrics are intended to be curtains, but I find them to be perfect for dresses.

Unique summer dress for the last days of summer:

You can find this dress for sale here: http: //epla.no/handlaget/produkter/522626/


Romantic dress that extend the summer:

You can find the dress for sale here: http://epla.no/handlaget/produkter/522892/

More new dresses coming soon!


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Dress for sale: Summerdress for a sunny day

New summer dress this summer? I have made a new dress for sale at epla.no.

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sewing technique tutorials:finishing ruff edges, linings

Here is an tutorial on how to finish ruff edges. My mother calls this type of lining  for Pakistani lining. To do this type of lining you need  bias binding.

Start with folding the bias binding open and then pining it on to the edge on the outside of the garment. (see picture)

Fold the start of the bias binding and make it to go a little bit further then one time around.

Then sew the lining in the fold as shown i picture.

Fold the bias binding over to the back of the garment so the lining is placed inside the edge. The bias binding should not the visible from the front.

Sew the bias binding to the inside of the fabric. Sew as close to the edge of the bias binding as possible.

Then it is finish!


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Fast and easy dress redesign

I have had this dress from H&M since I was 14 years old and therefor feel like it is time for a update of the dress. I am in love with backless dresses, and therefor wanted to make the back more interesting. I started with making the dress where my bra went.  Then i marked å path i wanted for the back of the dress.

Then I simply cut out the fabric 0.5 cm from the path. Remember when you cut over the zipper to have the zipper open!

After cutting away the fabric I sew on a edging around the opening.

Finished under 40 minuts! Fast and easy update!

Please comment if you have done something similar or if you have something else to say!

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