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DIY Tin Reuse; toothbrush container

When you are a student you often need to be creative when it comes to decoration at home. For this DIY I used what I found laying at home; an empty corn tin, a string, a old key(for decoration) and some strong glue .

After getting glue all over the tin I raped the string around the tin.

When I was allmost at the top I made a cut in the string and continued with a part of the first string hanging out and the same with the new one(..see picture)

Make a loop and connect the key(or whatever other thing you like) to the loop.

Done! A new toothbrush container, zero money!



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Pimp my wall: butterfly style

At Rodel√łkka in Oslo i found this fantastic wall. The wall is full of butterflies in clay. The butterflies is in many different colors, adding life to an gray building. Great idea!

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