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Inspiration: Instagram phone case

I am, like many others, in love with Instagram. I found inspiration for this phone case on pinterest and I had to make one myself.

All parts are made by cotton yarn. If you have questions on how to make it please ask.


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Inspiration: Peplum top

I made this top from a pattern in Burda 08/2012. The fabric used is an dotted blue fabric giving the top an french style. I made the top a little higher than the original pattern. Love this top!


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Pimp my wall: butterfly style

At Rodeløkka in Oslo i found this fantastic wall. The wall is full of butterflies in clay. The butterflies is in many different colors, adding life to an gray building. Great idea!

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Pimp by bike: flower power style

On a flee marked I found this fantastic bike. Pimp up your this way by first painting the bike all black first, then adding the flowers afterwards.

itsy bitsy flower bike, love it

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Dress for sale: Summerdress for a sunny day

New summer dress this summer? I have made a new dress for sale at epla.no.

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Fast and easy dress redesign

I have had this dress from H&M since I was 14 years old and therefor feel like it is time for a update of the dress. I am in love with backless dresses, and therefor wanted to make the back more interesting. I started with making the dress where my bra went.  Then i marked å path i wanted for the back of the dress.

Then I simply cut out the fabric 0.5 cm from the path. Remember when you cut over the zipper to have the zipper open!

After cutting away the fabric I sew on a edging around the opening.

Finished under 40 minuts! Fast and easy update!

Please comment if you have done something similar or if you have something else to say!

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Easter egg remake

En stund siden påske nå, men jeg poster dette påske egget som jeg lagde i år likevel til insperasjon. Det fra et 1 kroners påske egg fra Nille. Det jeg gjorde var å lime på noe stoff jeg hadde ved påføre steinlim på hele egget. Deretter påførte jeg et blondebånd langs kanten og limte på noen tråderrundt egget. Voilà!


I know it is some time since Easter but I wanted to post this Easter egg either way. It is made of an ordinary cheap Easter egg. I transformed the egg  by simply gluing on the fabric with a strong glue, then adding the lace on the sides and ribbons around the egg. Voilà!

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