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DIY Marius pillow; from a sweater and a blanket

If you have a sweater that is too big or have got ruined in some way it would make a  great pillow. In this tutorial I have decided to make the sweater and a fleece blanket in to two pillows.

The sweater i used is in a traditional Norwegian pattern called “Mariusgenser”.

First I made the sweater in to two squares by sawing the sides and then cutting of the arms and the sides. Then i cut a square out of a fleece blanket.

Now you pin one the sweater square and the blanket square together, remember to have the inside out on the sweater. Leave the end of the sweater to be about 10-15 longer in the of the blanket.

Sew the three sides together, and leave one side open to fit the pillow inside.

Make hooks on the end of the sweater to fasten the end of the sweater to the other side of the pillow. You can do this by crocheting small hooks.

Sew on buttons on the blanket side for the hooks to go in.

Then you are done!



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DIY interior: Pegs On a Line

My sister loved for some while ago to make this kinds of clothes hooks. It is really easy and gives a fast result, crafts just the way I like it!

All you need is some pegs( preferably wooden), a wooden plank, glue(strong,liquid/wood glue) and some paint.

You start of painting the pegs and the plank, let it dry, then glue the pegs on! Wait… And then you are gone!

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Interior DIY: pin board update

A large pin board is good to have in your sewing room or anywhere else for that matter. I found a large pin board at our cabin i wished to update. I started with painting it white all over. Then I used some left over wallpaper in the pin board. This way the pin board is lovely both with or without pins on it.

I pin some old summer photos on the pin board because it is for my summer house.

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Update interior: Pastel Pink Dresser

Lets face it, the world is a little bit better in pink! I have renovated my room in your summer house in Arendal the past week. We only used old furniture from the house that we repainted. I wanted one signature item in the room and choose the dresser. I in really into pastels and made it pastel pink.

The surprising thing is that everybody loves it, even the guys in the family. Lets hope that this is rally how they feel 😉

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DIY lace bowl

Making your own lace bowl is easy and fast to do. All you need is a round lace, liquid wood glue, a glass bowl and some thin plastic(glad-pack). Lay the thin plastic over the bowl and the lace on the top,add the lots of glue over the lace, then wait for the glue to dry(about 24 hours) Remove the lace from the plastic and you have a brand new bowl!

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