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DIY: new skirt in an hour

I had some left over fabric after my dress sewing last week, and wanted to make an skirt from this. Tight fitted skirts are really easy to make and you do not need a pattern. Use an old skirt you like as pattern or just make an square a little larger then your thighs/butt( where ever you are the largest)

You don’t need a lot of fabric, just a enough for the dress. Remember to make the top a bit bigger then your hips, about 5 cm in each side.

As you can see I cut the skirt out in an angle with the tightest in the top, this to make the skirt follow my shape.

After cutting, sew the sides together(remember to leave room for the zipper!). If you try it on now you will realize that you need some incisions on the top to make the skirt follow  your shapes. Make two incisions on both the back and the front. See for yourself how long and deep they need to be.

Then it is just finishing left. Cast the button of the skirt and add a lining on the top ( see tutorial on bea lining). Insert an zipper on the side and you are done!

Cute little skirt in under an hour.


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